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Heli Charter Service

Heli Car Booking Company is the best organization for Heli Charter Services, Heli visits, helicopter Booking, private Heli visits, Medical or crisis Heli Charter, Rescue Heli, Helicopter Charter for Standby as our client question. Heli Charter Service gives great Services supplier with Heli Everest, Mountain Heli Simrik Heli, Air Dynasty, Fishtail Air Heli, and Shree Heli. In Nepal Cases, just from the distant territory or crisis cases, we can orchestrate according to client inside a subsequent will be masterminded. Nepal is a normally lovely nation like bunches of the Himalayas among the world Highest Mt Everest Himal. For the Pilgrimage visits, we can visit at Muktinath Heli, visit Pathibhara Heli Tour, Dharan Budhasubbha Heli visit, Langtang Gosaikunda Heli Tour, ABC Heli Tour, EBC Heli Tour, Kalapathar Touch with Helicopter sanction, Manaslu Heli visit, Makalu Heli Tour.

Helicopter Charter Service in Nepal is a private Air Transport. Heli Charter will start from any goal for Nepal to Pick up and Drop. It has crisis and salvage Service for Nepali and Foreigner People from profoundly exciting and pleasurable experiences, energizing movement, Medical propose, and so on. Helicopter Charter Service in Nepal additionally Arranges to the Mount Everest Flight on private or Sharing Basic. We orchestrate Cheapest Helicopter Charter all around Nepal most territories likewise conceivable High elevation. Heli Charter Service for “Kala Patthar” (5,545 M) Touch and EBC land By Helicopter.

Helicopter Charter Service in Nepal likewise orchestrates Himalayan Panoramic picturesque perspectives for lifetime Experience, additionally committed business visionaries who have faith in the nature of our administration and fulfillment to our clients. Taking a Helicopter Tour over the Himalayas is a really wonderful experience, loaded up with the spectacular landscapes and Several Peaks. You can see from overhead the astounding vistas of the Himalayas.

Worldwide Treks and Expedition is the largest helicopter administrator in Nepal. We orchestrate the Private Helicopter for Medical Issue and Emergency Case. Worldwide Treks are MOU with Medicity Hospital, Grade Hospital for Medical Treatment for the clients we legitimately land at along these lines Air Ambulance.   Global Treks has been Specializing in Kathmandu Heli Tour, Helicopter Tour in Nepal, Heli Trekking, Emergency Private Flights just as Medical clearing, corporate development, venture support, and campaign work. Heli freight, flying shooting, wellbeing the executive’s framework through Heli contract. Our Team remains by every minute of every day/365 for any Support. We have hot Line contact +977-9851002579. Multi-Day Tours or whatever other reason that child of individuals needs the administrations of Helicopter.

Helicopter sanction administration in Nepal works trips for touring, salvage, clinical clearing, crisis, corporate development, venture support, endeavor works. For whatever other purposes that need the administrations of a private Helicopter. We additionally work bolster trips for trekking at Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Muktinath Temple, Mount Makalu, and Mount Manaslu as well. Which is getting extremely mainstream nowadays for the sake of “Heli-Trekking”? Fly whenever, any Places in Nepal.  Charter Specialists accessible too through our organization administrations.

S.N Source and Destination No of people (1 Helicopter) Time Cost (USD) per Flight
1 Kathmandu – Everest Base Camp.V.V 1 up to 5 Pax 3-4 Hrs $ 4800.00
2 Kathmandu- Annapurna Base Camp V.V 1 up to 5 Pax 2-3 Hrs $ 3800.00
3 Kathmandu-Langtang 1 up to 5 pax 1-2 Hrs $ 1800.00
4 Muktinath Heli Tour 1 up to 5 pax 2-3 Hrs $ 4000.00
5 Kathmandu –Lukla 1 up to 5 pax 1 Hrs $ 3000.00
6 Kathmandu –Biratnagar .V.V 1 up to 4 pax 2 hrs $ 3100.00
7 Kathmandu- Bhairahawa V.V 1 up to 4 pax 2 hrs $ 3000.00
8 Kathmandu – Chitwan .V.V 1 up to 4 pax 1 Hrs $ 1800.00
9 Kathmandu –Phaplu V.V 1 up to 5 pax 1 Hrs $ 2400.00
10 Kathmandu – Diktel V.V 1 up to 4 pax 1.5 hrs $ 2400.00
11 Kathmandu – Pathivara Darshan 1 up to 4 pax 3-4 Hrs $ 4800.00
12 Kathmandu – Pokhara .V.V 1 up to 5 pax 1 hrs $ 2400.00
13 Kathmandu –Everest View V.V 1 up to 5 pax 3-4 hrs $ 4000.00
14 Kathmandu –RARA V.V 1 up to 5 Pax 7-8 hrs $ 9200.00
15 Pokhara –Muktinath V.V 1 up to 5 pax 2 hrs $ 2800.00
16 Pokhara – Annapurna Base Camp V.V 1 up to 5 pax 1.3 hrs $ 2000.00
17 Helicopter Charter 1 up to 5 Pax 1 hrs $ 1900.00

Helicopter Charter Service in Nepal Hotline Contact +977 – 9801102579


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